I create spaces that heal.

Becoming yoga teacher in 2015 was one stop in the road of looking for a home in my own body. My yoga practice started with a DVD I found in my last year of high school. I was open to yoga because I had been working with talk for therapy for several years and instinctively knew that I had to start using my body to integrate my experience of childhood trauma. The first thing yoga gave me was quiet. My practice is now in it's second decade and the greatest gift it has given me is my body back was inner stillness that is the foundation for deep joy.

Professionally my journey took me through a and Arts/ Law degree and a Masters in International Law. Through working community legal centres and project management. None of this is wasted. I bring my clarity, drive and vision into my yoga work. A significant part of what I do is advocacy on behalf of trauma survivors to have access to yoga that I know, in my own bones, is a powerful tool in recovery.

My work is about thriving post trauma. Giving survivors the tools to integrate and manage their symptoms, so we can all thrive post trauma rather than be defined by the destruction it causes. The practice I teach is empowering as it is compassionate. My desire to serve survivors of trauma is an evolving exploration and has most recently manifested in the completion of a Masters of Counselling. I will be offering counselling sessions from mid 2018. 

My warmest wishes,